ACOI, Inc., has been a successful provider of the cost-effective
international marketing, sales, and sourcing services for the companies
across the Pacific Ocean from US and Greater China.

We are committed to offering the lower-cost, lower-risk and cost-effective
solution to enable the manufacturers located an ocean apart to expand
their business across the Ocean without having to incur high initial
expenses and without having to deal with all the myths and unfamiliar facts
and situations. Just leave the myths and unfamiliarity to us, we will make
you feel at ease when it comes to going after the new market across the

We can handily do this because we understand thoroughly the local cultural
and business dynamics, we have established hundreds of contacts with
local customers and suppliers, and more important, we have a seamlessly
integrated team of professionals working out of from locations in both US
and Greater China.

Our service is specifically aimed at solving the dilemma faced by most of
American and Chinese manufacturers, especially for those mid- or
smaller-size companies. They have the niche and attractive products or
services and want to expand their business to the other side of the Ocean
but they do not know how to get it started. They would also think that the
task of cracking into a new market at the other side of the Ocean would
have to be humongous and overwhelming, and the cost of doing it would
have to be beyond the manageable range.

This is where we come into the picture. We will help you achieve a
profitable market expansion, or help you implement a cost-effective
sourcing strategy at the other side of the Ocean.

We win only when you win.
We win only when you win.
ACOI, Inc.
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